George Stallings and Frank Farrell autographed check. Farrell and partner William Devery purchased the American League’s Baltimore Orioles on January 9, 1903 for $18,000.00. They promptly moved the franchise to New York in time to open the 1903 season as the “Highlanders”, thus becoming the first owners of the New York Yankees. Farrell and Devery sold the Yankees to Jacob Ruppert and T.L. Huston in 1915 for $460,000.00. Farrell died in 1926 and his signature is virtually extinct. Here is a 1908 check filled out to Farrell on the front and signed by famed baseball player, manager, and executive George Stallings on behalf of the “Newark Base Ball and Amusement Co.” for $3,333.00. Farrell has added his exceedingly rare signature on the check’s back. A wonderful combo item and the only example we have ever offered from this original Yankees’ owner!

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