John S. Douglass autograph. Douglas, who held the hereditary title of Marquess of Queensberry is boxing’s equivalent to baseball’s “Alexander Cartwright”. Douglas gained lasting fame when he agreed to lend his name and patronage to a set of boxing rules, making them universally recognized as “The Queensberry Rules”. The rules revolutionized the sport and included: the establishment of three-minute rounds with one-minute rest periods in-between; the prohibition of wrestling or grappling; and the eventual elimination of the bare-knuckle era by mandating the use of boxing gloves. They also did much to establish universally recognized standards of fairness by which boxing matches have since been conducted, giving Douglas, who died in 1900, a significant and lasting place in boxing history. Douglas’s autograph is highly coveted but nearly extinct. This is the only example we have ever encountered and it’s a beauty at the close of a two-page letter (front and back of his 4.5” x 7” stationery), signed simply “Queensberry”.

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