1998 National League all star team from one of baseballís most famous seasons. Steroids or not, this season will arguably go down in history for its nation-gripping home run race between Sosa and McGwire that saw Roger Marisís 37-year home run record fall, in the same manner that the 1941 season is remembered for Ted Williamsí hitting .406 and Joe Dís 56-game hitting streak. What better item from that year to own than one of the few balls signed by the NL All Star team which included not only Sosa and Mac, but also Barry Bonds, and Curt Schillingóall significant figures in the steroid tangle that only history will unwind. This minty official game ball has twenty-seven (27) signers including the aforementioned, as well as: mgr. Jim Leyland (SS), Tony Gwynn, Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, Mike Piazza, Tom Glavine, Trevor Hofman, Larry Walker, Fernando Vina, Ugueth Urbina, Walt Weiss, Devon White, Dante Bischette, Vinny Castilla, Rick Reed, Jason Kendall, Bret Boone, Rob Nenn, and one other plus coaches Tommy Sandt, Don Baylor, Gene Lamont, and Bruce Kimm. An incredible investment-grade item from the height of baseballís biggest recent scandal and signed by several certain hall of famers as well as others more whose hall of fame credibility will be endlessly debated! NrMt/Mint overall.

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