1927 Yankee Roy Chesterfield autographed baseball! 1941 Yakima Pippins team-signed on a uniformly toned “Western International League” ball. Seventeen signatures include future Yankee Bill Johnson and Roy Chesterfield, who is best-remembered as a phantom member of the 1927 Yankees where he “road the bench” for part of the season but never appeared in a game! In fact, he never would play in a big league game so when he died in 1972, he left behind scant few autographs in the hands of collectors. There is a stain on the ball that runs through part of his signature, but this is the only example we have ever offered and it still displays nicely with one other alone on the ball's East panel! To the 1927 Yankee-team completionist, here is your chance at the team’s ‘white whale’!

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